NOV. 30th, 2020 Workshop recap

Trondheim Brand Platform



City branding requires

Long-term Thinking

We want to make Trondheim Norway’s best city to visit, enjoy and live in.

How do we achieve this? By linking together a community of the City’s leaders, from all sectors, large and small. Trondheim’s City Brand will be the platform that lifts our combined efforts; making Trondheim Norway’s best city to visit, enjoy and stay.

Visit Trondheim has brought in ANTI to help in developing a new, authentic Trondheim profile to strengthen the city and build community. The new identity will be used in and against local, regional, national and international markets; positioning Trondheim in the world. Enticing international visitors and locals alike to visit, enjoy and stay.

City branding requires long-term thinking. A great city brand at its core includes the culture of its people, confidence and has a strong sense of self; it’s not about ‘what we have’ it’s about ‘who we are’. It is the people who have helped to shape the city and region that have made Trondheim such a unique city. No one knows Trondheim better than you; that’s why you’re so important in this process.




The Workshop

Nov. 30th, 2020

We aren’t looking for everyone to agree on the same things, we’re capturing the true greatness of our City. 

“It’s the grit between that makes the kamskjellperle — It’s not a very pretty ‘perle’, but a seriously gritty one.”

introduction statements

On the challenges the business community face in Trondheim not having a strong brand to market the city and region and for recruiting talent from abroad

In the workshop

We kickstarted the morning with a diverse group of industry leaders by sharing the challenges we and our organizations face that a strong city brand for Trondheim will help to overcome. And concluded the morning by unpacking and sharing the character of our City.

We are very excited that work is underway and we will continue, alongside the work by ANTI, to promote collaboration, discovery and engagement throughout out community of City leaders, from all sectors, big and small.


The workshop was attended by: