Winter in Trondheim

Winter in Trondheim is full of experiences! You can take in the beautiful winter landscape both with and without skis on your feet. In the City Center everything is within walking distance, ready for you to explore historical sights, museums and galleries, cafes and restaurants with world-class food! Let us inspire you to get the most out of Trondheim this winter.

A Forest Getaway

When you arrive at Grønlia, you’ll get a fantastic view over the Skjellbreia Lake from above. Since 1925, the warming hut at Grønlia has been open to hikers, skiers and trailers. At this cozy cabin you can enjoy both sweet baking, light meals and cold and hot drinks.

At Grønlia you enjoy the fantastic view over the Skjellbreia Lake

Ski Rental and Ski Course

In Norway we say that “Norwegians are born with skis on their feet”. Almost everyone learns to ski from the time they are small children, and skiing is deeply rooted in the culture. If you want to ski when you are in Trondheim (in season), you can rent ski equipment from Trondhjems Skiklub, and they even offer private ski course.

Explore Trondheim From The Water

Go boating or kayaking along the river Nidelva, and you get a whole new perspective of the city. Don’t let the cold stop you – put on some warm clothes and join a magical journey along the water this winter.

 On A Quest For The Aurora?

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, often comes out to play during the winter months in Trondheim. But how do you know when and where to see it? Hit the button below to find our breakdown of how to maximize the probability of seeing it (depending on the forecast):

Go Explore The City!

Do as the Scandinavians and rent a floating sauna at Havet Arena (Arena by te sea). And if you feel extra “vikingly”, you can even jump into the sea when you are nice and warm from the sauna. After all, we are in a viking capital. If you want to explore the sights, cozy neighborhoods and the art scene in Trondheim, you can take a look at our article “One Day in Trondheim! But don’t be fooled by the summery pictures, here you get inspiration for activities that suit all seasons. Are you the “downhill – type” then check out the various ski resorts near the city. And if you get hungry from all the activities, Trondheim is the Home Of Nordic Flavours, and here you will be served food made with world-class local ingredients!

What’s On in Trondheim?

Go to our Event-Calendar to see what’s on in Trondheim. If you’re keen on going to a concert, check out Konsertbyen Trondheim (Concert City of Trondheim).

A City Draped in Lights

The winter, and especially Christmas, in Trondheim is truly magical! With its atmospheric winter and Christmas lighting, Trondheim has become a popular destination with “Insta-spots” on every corner. If you are in Trondheim during December, you must visit the annual Christmas Market. Go treasure hunting among the decorated wooden stalls, take a ride on the Ferris wheel and enjoy local food and drinks in the Lavvo. Britannia Hotel has been synonymous with Christmas celebrations in Trondheim for over 150 years, so they know what their guests expect. Whether you are checking into the 5-star hotel for a few days, or just enjoying an Afternoon Tea, we promise you an unforgettable experience.

The light-tunnel
The Christmas Market
The trees are blooming with light
Britannia Hotel