A magical Mix Of Possibilities

Through all times, royalty, celebrities and ordinary people from all over the country have chosen Trondheim as their wedding venue. And we don’t blame them! Once the Viking capital of Norway – now the city stands out with its progressive nature and vibrant city life, while still embodying its small town heart. If you have found “the one”, Trondheim has all the ingredients to create your magical wedding.

All You Need Is Love!

…and perhaps some planning

But first:

Remember to apply for a wedding certificate. In Norway you apply at skatteetaten.no:

From Hidden Gems and Small Chapels to Majestic and Luxurious

And everyting in between! Let us inspire you:

Historical At Sverresborg

What other places can offer you a ceremony in both a stave church from the 1100s, and on the ruins of King Sverre’s medieval castle with a wide view of Trondheim city? At Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum you can coose between both – and so much more.


«An unforgettable backdrop in the most beatiful day of our life»

Luxurious at Britannia

Make one of the world’s finest hotels the setting for your wedding. At Britannia there are venues for both small and large wedding celebrations – whether it is dinner for two in Michelin-starred Speilsalen, or a celebration with 240 guests at round tables in Britannia Hall. Here you can have both the wedding ceremony, the banquet and the dance.



A Culinary Love Story

Passion for local ingredients mixed with new thoughts and ideas has put Trondheim on the map as a world-class food-city. Nothing says “I Love You” more than food made with love?


The Personal Touch

What makes Trondheim unique? We’ve asked the expert

We have taken a closer look at what it is like to work as a wedding officiant, and what makes Trondheim the perfect wedding city in the eyes of someone who has wedding ceremonies as his profession.

Trondheim is a city with many beautiful areas that are accessible to everyone. And no matter what wishes a couple has for their wedding, there are options that will ensure both a beautiful and dignified ceremony. The city has both coastal areas, forests and mountains (and everything in between), so you can choose the surroundings you like best. In addition, there are several viewpoints around Trondheim with beautiful views of the entire city. In summary, Trondheim is a varied and diverse city, where there will be an alternative for everyone almost regardless of what the couple wishes for their wedding ceremony.

Gunhild Foss Heggem, Wedding Officiant at the Humanist Association

Rockheim Panorama

Located on the 5th floor of the National Museum of Popular Music, everything is set for the wedding party! It has a fantastic view of the Trondheimsfjord and the city, large outdoor terrace and a menu prepared with care and creativity.

Some Practical Advice

Where do you apply for a marriage certificate, how early should you book your church and where do you go to get smart tips for wedding planning? Here we have gathered information on different topics that is nice to know of when planning a wedding.

Nice To Know Before Getting Married

A Venetian Palace

From ancient times, this is how the bank building in Trondheim was referred to. The art, history and surroundings of Banksalen’s premises provide a unique and historical setting for the wedding.

How To Get Here

Park & Ride

Did you know that you can park your car for free in several places and travel by public transport further into Trondheim? In Trøndelag, several parking spaces have been built up near bus stops and train stations. This makes it easy to combine a car or bike with a train or bus into Trondheim. See more about Park&Ride.