Summer in Trondheim

Welcome! Trondheim in the summer is a good place to be! As a as a visitor, a resident or if you are just traveling through. Whether you come for the food, history, art, music or shopping, we hope you find inspiration to explore this great little town that has so much to offer.

If you are particularly hungry for good food experiences this summer, you can look forward to exploring what Trondheim has to offer. We are proud that that international food expertise chose Trøndelag and Trondheim as Europe’s official region of gastronomy in 2022. Here you will find the Michelin restaurants Fagn, Credo and Speilsalen, and many other restaurants that offers unique, unforgettable dining experiences.

What’s On in Trondheim?

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During the summer Trondheim is an arena for a multitude of small and large festivals, concerts and events. If music, food or art interests you, you are guaranteed to find something to do in and around the city centre. Check out our Event Calendar to see a selection of activities:


There are countless ways you can experience Trondheim; from the tower in Nidaros Cathedral, on two wheels in the city streets in search of street art, or down the River Nidelva in a kayak. You can also follow the program we have put together in “A day in Trondheim – art and history”, and experience some of the city’s rich history, culture and food scene in one day.

Art and culture

Trondheim has become known as for it’s exciting art scene, and this summer you should set aside time to experience the city’s galleries. If you travel with children, you can take the family to one of the exciting museums in and around Trondheim. “Experience the past – live in the present – dream of the future” is the motto of the Museums in Sør-Trøndelag (MiST). Common to all MiST’s museums is free admission for children up to, and including, 15 years accompanied by an adult.

For the foodie

Trondheim is the country’s new food destination. The proximity to some of the world’s best ingredients is the backbone of the Trøndelag food culture. In addition to three Michelin-starred restaurants, Trondheim has culinary gems on every corner, serving food with local products from both the land and the sea.

Family fun!

Trondheim is packed full of activities for the whole family. How about combining swimming with a cozy tram ride up to Lian, climbing the treetops at Høyt & Lavt or doing fun scientific experiments at the Science Center? Explore Nidaros Cathedral with your children this summer and enjoy unforgettable experiences for both young and old.

Go hiking!

In Trondheim, it is not far between nature and the urban city. Go hiking and explore the different neigbourhoods, each with its own distinctive character. Visit colorful Ila, and than continue further up the stairs from Ilabekken, which is the beginning of a longer hike in Bymarka.

If you are looking for a swim close to the city center, you can walk along the Fjord Promenade, which with its green area, sand volleyball court, play areas and ice-bar is a perfect destination for families with children.

Do you have a few seconds for Trondheim?

Make your mark on Trondheim and share video seconds from our city, straight from your phone. Why?
Because Trondheim is so much more than Nidaros Cathedral, Kristiansten Festning and Munkholmen. It is the 208,281 people who study, work, travel and live their lives here, and the small, raw, unfiltered, real moments we all experience every day. For this campaign, we have invited you all to film and share a few seconds of your life in Trondheim.

There are no models or production teams. So do you have a few seconds to share? We want them. Then we can show off all the beautiful, weird, incredible, tasteful, sweet, meaningful moments in Trondheim through an authentic lens!