The Thamshavn Line

The Thamshavn Line was built to transport ore from the mines at Løkken Verk, which produced cupriferous pyrite. When it was opened in 1908, it was Norway’s first electric railway. Today, the Thamshavn Line is the world’s oldest train running on alternating current. The Thamshavn Line had passenger routes from its inception up to 1963 when the buses took over. When the production in the mines at Løkken Verk changed, the pyrite trains stopped operating.
In 1982, a new era in the line’s history began. The Friends of the Thamshavn Line was founded to restore the track. The following year, 75 years to the day after its opening, the first heritage train rolled along the line. Today, you can travel by train between Løkken Verk and Bårdshaug in the same wagons as in 1908.


Phone number: 72 49 91 00

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