Credo - 1 star Michelin guide

At Credo Restaurant you will be served food cooked from ingredients grown in the Trøndelag region, fished from the waters surrounding it, and dairy products cultivated with a focus on flavours and sustainability. The most important here at Credo are the raw ingredients and, when we talk about flavour, we think about the opportunities an ingredient offers. We are subordinate to the original flavour, and are always chasing the best flavours, the flavours that come right from a farm, a farmer or the soil, because at Credo it is the small differences that give the great ingredients. Credo wishes to take you through a multi-faceted experience of tastes, textures and emotions, which we do through a set tasting menu of 20-25 courses combined with drinks to enhance the flavours of each dish


Phone number: 954 37 028
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Opening hours
Opening hours:
Wed-Sat 18-00

  • Credo - 1 star Michelin guide