To Rom og Kjøkken

The Experience…

Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine To Rom og Kjøkken (2ROK) prepares food in a fashion where quality ingredients are enhanced, while retaining their distinctive character.  The menu follows the different seasons through the year, so that you are always eating fresh products at their best. 2ROK has close local partners who give us access to high quality agricultural products, seafood, game, mushrooms and berries. 

The Trøndelag region is the largest and most important for food production in Norway and 2ROK looks to contribute to making Trøndelag as a food region better known. Located in a quaint wooden house in the heart of the city, the whole house was renovated in 2015, with focus on nice atmosphere, warm colors, good materials as well as nice acoustics.

2ROK has private dining rooms on the first floor which are suitable for groups of 10 – 90 people. Flexible solutions for dividing separate rooms making for the perfect setting for birthdays and other celebrations, Ph.D dinners, business dinners, food courses and wine courses and other groups that would like to sit seperate from other guests.


The Proud Roar of Trondheim

A quaint wooden house in Carl Johans street, typical to Trondheim’s midtown, is not only home to one of the city’s most cherished restaurants. It is also home to one of its most staunch apostles, Roar Hildonen.

“Twenty-five years ago I had colleagues in Oslo who urged me to move down there. They could not wrap their heads around why I worked in this–in their eyes–culinary hillbilly town,” Hildonen reminisces with a chuckle. 

“I told them they would be wise to move up here instead. To where we have the world’s best produce!”



Carl Johans gt 5, 7010 Trondheim
Phone number: +47 73 56 89 00


Mon – Sat: 4 pm – 12 pm

To Rom og Kjøkken