Jossa mat og drikke

Credo’s little sister

During the mid-1900s there lived a curious, down to earth and giving woman in the Credo alley in downtown Trondheim. Her name was Josefine Halvorsen. Even if Trondheim was closest to her heart, she had an insatiable hunger for seeing the world. What triggered her to travel? We believe it was the hunt for the pure flavours. And food that nobody she knew had ever heard of. The dishes needed to have an ‘down-to-earth’ quality to them to have that little special something, according to Jossa. She wanted to understand the world through food.

Heidi Bjerkan and her team are grateful to be able to continue telling Jossa’s stories through Jossa mat & drikke.

At Jossa the menu changes based on the produce and raw ingredients that are available, and based on where Jossa travels. For the time being Jossa is localised in Norway and is making dishes with produce from Skjølberg Søndre, Fannremsgården, the Trondheim fjord, and Jossa’s own garden.

Jossa Mat & Drikke is situated at Lilleby in the same building as big sister Credo Restaurant. The focus is offering a menu consisting of more rustic, homely fare than Credo. Jossa preserves historic food traditions while adding modern techniques.


Jossa Mat & Drikke
Ladeveien 9, 7066 Trondheim
Phone number: +47 95 43 70 28


Tue – Sat: 11 am – 10 pm
Sun: 11 am – 8 pm

Jossa mat og drikke