Trondheim in the News

Washington post | Oct 2021

If you want a more intimate Norwegian experience, head to Trondheim instead of Oslo

The people of Norway’s capital, Oslo, are palpably happy, especially in the spring, summer and early fall, when outdoor cafes are still crowded in evenings, with heat lamps and wool blankets provided for late-night comfort. For indoor dining options, the new, uber-hip Oslo Street Food mall is a fun and relatively inexpensive addition to the city’s otherwise pricey culinary scene.

Forbes | Oct 2021

Trondheim Is Home To Norway’s Two Best Breakfasts

Fresh from two of its restaurants being awarded the city’s first ever Michelin stars, Trondheim’s food scene received another boost this week as two of the city’s hotels were awarded first and second place in Norway’s annual Twinings Best Breakfast competition. The unofficial contest is held annually and reviews more than 400 hotels across Norway to crown a champion.

Travel and leisure | Oct 2021

The Perfect Hotel For You Based On Your Personality

Luxury exists in so many different forms, and you can find it all across the varied portfolio of The Leading Hotels of the World—a collection of uncommon luxury hotels composed of more than 400 cities in over 80 countries. We partnered with them to illuminate which of their hotels is right for every pursuer of luxury—no matter your travel persona, you’ll find a Leading Hotel that will make your dream into reality.

AFAR | Oct 2021

Best places to travel in 2020

Where will 2020 take you? Below, you’ll find 36 destinations to kick-start your travel dreaming and scheming. We’ve surfaced emerging places. We’ve highlighted unexpected spots. And we’ve blown out a handful of classic destinations—the places we return to again and again, such as Italy and Japan—with alternatives to the big cities and the most crowded seasons. Scroll down to begin your 2020 journey.

Food and wine | Oct 2021

Why Coffee Experts Think You Should Scrape the Crema Off Your Espresso

Crema is one of the most prized components of a well-made espresso. Caramel-colored and creamy in texture, the foamy puff is created when hot water emulsifies coffee bean oils and floats atop the espresso with smooth little bubbles. The first crema is believed to have debuted in 1948, thanks to Achille Gaggia, the Milanese café owner who invented the now-ubiquitous, lever-driven espresso machine.

Food and wine | Oct 2021

Norway Restaurants on the Rise in 2020 Nordic Michelin Guide

On Monday evening in Trondheim, Norway, the 2020 edition of the Michelin Guide for Nordic Countries was announced, recognizing a grand total of 62 starred restaurants, down from 64 last year. Spanning Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, the Nordic guide encompasses some of Europe's most well-known restaurants, including René Redzepi's Copenhagen institution Noma, which maintained its two stars, and Stockholm's Frantzén, one of two three-starred restaurants in the region.

Culture Trip | Oct 2021

The 7 Best Restaurants in Trondheim According to a Local Food Blogger

Trondheim in Norway is earning a reputation as a top gastronomic destination, due to its culture of serving predominantly locally sourced ingredients with inventive contemporary twists. Renowned Norwegian food blogger Anders Husa shares his guide to the best places to eat in Trondheim.

Culture Trip | Oct 2021

The Best Spots to Shop in Trondheim, Norway

When only retail therapy will do, Trondheim is a shopper’s paradise. From browsing through designer collections to rummaging for vintage bargains, these are the best spots for shopping in Norway’s third-largest city.

Culture Trip | Oct 2021

The Best Camping Spots in and Around Trondheim

Whether you’re looking to bed down in the wilderness or prefer a family-friendly cabin, Trondheim has countless camping spots for you to get back to nature in Norway.

IGCAT | Aug 2020

Best Food Film showcasing the Regions of Gastronomy

The short film Home of Nordic Flavours 2020 highlights how the city of Trondheim and its surrounding region have become the new food capital in Norway also known as the Home of Nordic Flavours…