On a Budget


Art & History

Get your day off to a great start with a nice breakfast either at your hotel, or maybe head out to one of Trondheim’s cafes and bakeries. Then put on your best walking shoes as today is all about exploring the city on your feet. Make your way out into the city, exploring its most striking sights. Visit the Nidaros Cathedral and marvel in the intricate stone masonry that covers the facade.

Head to Kunsthall Trondheim where you can experience the latest contemporary art exhibition. Kunsthall Trondheim strengthens the local art scene, and is the largest arena for contemporary art in Trondheim city and the region. Admission is free.

Across the street from Kunsthall Trondheim, in the basement of the SpareBank1 building, you can find the art piece the Salamander Night, by local artist Kjell Erik Killi Olsen. The piece was originally made for the São Paulo Art Biennial in Brazil in 1989, and was gifted to the city of Trondheim by the artist. Entrance is free and open during the banks business hours.

Cross Gamle Bybro, into the picturesque Bakklandet, and watch locals ride the Trampe bike lift – taking the strain out of the climb of the strenuous Brubakken. If you feel up for it, make the climb up to Kristiansten fortress to enjoy some of the best views of the city.



Picnic in the Open

Make your way back into the city center and stop by one of the grocery stores or bakeries in town and pick up some lunch to go. Kafeen Torvet located in the Trondheim Torg shopping center have ready made sandwiches ready to go, Godt Brød, Big Bite or Subway make subs and sandwiches to order from several locations in the city center.


Head to St. Olavs gate to catch the tram. Did you know Trondheim has the Northernmost tramline in the world? Take the tram to the end station at Lian, in the Bymarka woods, while on the way enjoying views of the city from a different angle. Once at Lian, find the perfect spot by the lakeshore for your picnic lunch, before swimming out to the floating dock in the middle of the lake.


Rent a city bike from one of the stations in the city center, put your lunch in the basket and make your way to Lade, passing by the Lademoen neighbourhood. Disembark by the sports arena, and make you way on foot to Ringve Museum and the botanical garden. Stop and smell the roses before heading down to Ringvebukta which is a perfect spot for your picnic lunch. Maybe get yourself a sweet treat from the Sponhuset café. From Ringvebukta, hike back to town along Ladestien, stopping at Korsvika, one of Trondheim’s best swimming spots for a refreshing dip. Make sure you get a picture at Talerøret.


Eat & Drink on a Budget

For dinner that won’t break the bank, get the signature Bror burger or the veggie nachos, at Bror Bar, or marvel at the options available at Døgnvill Burger. If Italian is your cuisine of choice, try Frati, Olivia, or Ristorantino. For a more informal pizza setting, try Grano, or if you have a hunkering for asian flavours, how about Szechuan and Café Bangkok?

If you happen to be in town on a Monday, check out the “Endelig Mandag” (Finally Monday) deals at some of the city’s most popular restaurants – between 4 pm and 6 pm you get dinner for 150NOK.

Finish up your day in Trondheim by meeting up with locals or friends you have made during your stay in Trondheim at Mormors Stuer, Bar Circus or Trondheim Camping. At Work-Work you will find shuffle boards and gaming bar. Their board games are free to use.

Enjoy the evening!