One Day In Trondheim

Set aside a day to experience some of trondheim’s history, art and food. Here we have gathered a number of great experiences that are suitable for both visitors and residents who want to experience Trondheim in one day.

Art & History


The Nidaros Cathedral

Start your day of art and history with a breakfast in serene riverside surroundings at Nidaros Pilegrimsgård. When you are well fed and nourished and ready for the day, make your way along the river promenade to Nidaros Cathedral through the Archbishops Palace’s courtyard. Take some time to take in the splendour of the western front of the cathedral as it reveals itself to you. Nidaros Cathedral is the northernmost gothic cathedral in the world. Join a guided tour of the majestic cathedral, and if you are feeling adventurous, take the the tower tour, where you will be rewarded with a birds eye view of the city after finishing the steep and narrow climb. Visit the museum at the Arch Bishop’s Palace, make some time to browse the cathedral gift shop, and maybe have a waffle and a cup of coffee at Café To Tårn, located in the visitor center.

Nidaros Cathedral – the world’s northernmost Gothic cathedral and Norway’s national treasure


City Walk

After your morning exploring the cathedral and her surroundings, an experienced and knowledgeable local guide will meet you outside the visitor center and take you on a guided walking tour of Trondheim’s city center. On your walk you will visit historical sights like, Klemenskirken, Gamle bybro, Bakklandet, Bryggerekka, and Vår Frue Kirke. Along the way you will get to know more about the major events that has shaped Trondheim’s history, up until today.

Or how about exploring some of Trondheim’s lesser know history with an Alley walk? Trondheim has about 40 original kept alleyways, called “veiter,” which are the remains of the original secondary street structure. An alley walk focuses less on the kings and queens and major events, and more on the everyday life of regular “trønders” throughout history.

Bryggerekka – a popular photo motif among both visitors and residents of Trondheim


Lunch at Solsiden

Your guide will take you all the way to the Solsiden neighbourhood right in time for lunch, and after all that walking and learning you are bound to have worked up an appetite. Enjoy a well-deserved lunch where Mexican food traditions meet the Nordic ingredients at Hector Food &Fiesta, or how about a taste of Florence at Olivia’s?

Local Artists

After lunch it’s time to explore the Solsiden neighbourhood, formerly the city ship yard on your own, browsing the shops and enjoy the buzzing life. On a sunny day, it is the place to be for meeting up with friends for all the locals. Solsiden literally means the Sunny Side. Make your way to Trondheim Art Museum Gråmølna. Gråmølna is one of Trondheim Kunstmuseum’s locations.

Verftsbrua (the locals call it The Flower Bridge) was built in 2003. It is named after the shipyards of Trondhjems Mekaniske Værksted

On your way back to the city center, you walk across the popularly named Blomsterbrua (“The Flower Bridge”). Right across the bridge, in the lobby of the Scandic Nidelven Hotel, you will find art by another of Trondheim’s most successful artists, Håkon Gullvåg. Stop by for a look after crossing the bridge on your way back into town. Scandic Nidelven has also won the award for Norway’s best hotel breakfast 13 times – most recently voted in 2019.

At Sparebank1 SMN bank, in Søndre gate, you will find an art installation out of the ordinary. Kjell Erik Killi Olsen’s “Salamander Night” is both mysterious and impressive.


Salamandernatten – made by Trondheim artist Kjell Erik Killi Olsen for Sao Paulo’s biennial anniversary in Brazil in 1989



When dinnertime finally rolls around, why not try Troll at Fosenkaia for an enchanting take on local cuisine with an exotic twist. Or if you are in the mood for more modern nordic cuisine, head to the hidden gem, Kraft Bodega right across the bridge at Brattørkaia. On your way to the restaurant, you pass by the Powerhouse Building, designed by Snøhetta – the World’s Northernmost Energy-Positive Building.

If you visit K-U-K, Kjøpmannsgata Ung Kunst, you can say yes to both food and art! The gallery has made room for both established and less established artists, but mostly they have given space to younger artists. Located in relation to the gallery, is the restaurant, Gubalari, where the décor is a work of art in itself.

Gubalari – food and art, all in one place

An Evening with Food, Entertainment & Local Stories

Alternatively, you can book an evening in Bjørn’s house. Bjørn is a smiling man with many talents who invites curious guests to his own home. He cooks, performs self-composed songs on guitar and piano and he knows a lot about Trondheim and life in the city. Visit Bjørn is the only residential building in Trondheim with an alcohol license! Enjoy!

Bjørn Fjeldvær plays many instruments and can sing no less than 1,200 songs by heart