Frati Catering

Frati Catering has many years of experience in delivering quality food for all sorts of events. If desired, they can arrange waiters and a chef on site.

Phone: +47 73 54 92 70

Kontrast Catering

Kontrast Catering specialises in high-quality food from first-class ingredients with a focus on local producers. The award winning team at Kontrast delivers food of the highest international standard to your event.

Phone: +47 46 62 46 25

Trondheim Catering

Trondheim Catering is Trondheim Spektrum’s restaurateur and has one of Trondheim’s largest kitchens. They offer a wide selection of dishes and the menus can be adapted to suit your event perfectly.

Phone: +47 92 44 71 11

Kulinarisk Fanatisme

Kulinarisk Fanatisme offers modern and delicious menus, which combine the best of local ingredients to create dishes from Nordic as well as international cuisines.

Phone: +47 95 21 96 65