Covid-19 Adaptations

Plan Safe Events


The safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors to Trondheim is of the highest importance in response to this global pandemic. Our partners have been extremely proactive when it comes to adapting and implementing the appropriate measures to make sure that Trondheim is a safe destination for your next event or meeting. Trondheim has developed new standards in compliance with the national guidelines set by the Norwegian government, making it a secure and reliable destination for your event, meeting or conference.

More information on travelling to Norway during the pandemic:

A Variety of Adaptable Venues

In Trondheim there are a number of venues that can perfectly tailor to your need for more space as you make health and safety a top priority for your event. Most of the venues in Trondheim, large and small, can be adapted to better meet the needs of events and meetings during the pandemic. Check out which venue is right for you via the link below.

Go Digital!

Trondheim is the technology and innovation capital of Norway, so what better place to embrace the possibilities of the digital age than right here in the hometown of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. State of the art technology makes many Trondheim venues ideal for hosting a successful digital event. If you want to host a smaller event than you originally had in mind, but want to be able to broadcast to a digital audience around the world, Trondheim Spektrum, Digs, Trondheim Kino, Trondheim Lyd, or NEP Norway are among some of the local businesses that can help you out.

Official Guidelines

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