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Situated on the picturesque Trondheim fjord is the heart and soul of Norway: the city of Trondheim.

Trondheim is known as the original Viking capital of Norway, and today, it’s a place where creativity and innovation are fused together to deliver great events, exciting places to explore and cutting-edge advancements that are globally acclaimed. An undisputed leader in innovation, the city has become synonymous with a slew of success stories, particularly in the fields of technology, science and medicine.

Norway’s Knowledge Hub
& Cluster City

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Trondheim continues to be the destination of choice for associations and corporate organisations largely because of the city’s unique offering of infrastructure, world-class gastronomy, its knowledge and innovation credentials, easy accessibility from across the globe and the diversity of exclusive premium experiences. Here you will find all the information and tools you need in order to start planning your dream event in the city of Trondheim. Visit Trondheim offers assistance in the planning and application process, and this is completely free of charge.

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Trondheim, Norway’s knowledge capital, is the ideal destination for associations looking to host national and international conferences, meetings, exhibitions and events. The small, yet vibrant city is characterized by the community of bright minds and its very high standard of living. Additionally, Trondheim is making big moves toward becoming a sustainable destination.

Take Some Time To Explore Trondheim

The city with it’s many surprises

Trondheim is a destination that beckons you to reveal its layers, rewarding those who take the time to explore and uncover its secrets, discovered through its eccentric laneways, historical landmarks, gastronomy and nearby regional destinations. 

Trondheim has a cultural depth with multi-dimensional, eclectic offerings that have established its reputation as a city that unearths unexpected surprises. Asserting itself as the forefront of change, Trondheim continues to deliver new experiences whilst also evolving those that remain tied to its rich legacies.