Trondheim Brand Platform & Digital Transformation

Recorded session from Friday, February 19, 2021 status update




City Brand Status Update

We want to make Trondheim Norway’s best city to visit, enjoy and live in.

How do we achieve this? By linking together a community of the city’s leaders, from all sectors, large and small. Trondheim’s city brand will be the platform that lifts our combined efforts; making Trondheim Norway’s best city to visit, enjoy and stay.

Visit Trondheim has partnered with ANTI to help in developing a new, authentic Trondheim profile to strengthen the city and build community. The new identity will be used in and against local, regional, national and international markets; positioning Trondheim in the world. Enticing international visitors and locals alike to visit, enjoy and stay.


The visual identity is well underway, below is a status update on where we are with the new brand strategy and visual identity since our workshop in Nov. 2020 – courtesy of Tom Morgan, ANTI:


City branding requires long-term thinking. A great city brand at its core includes the culture of its people, confidence and has a strong sense of self; it’s not about ‘what we have’ it’s about ‘who we are’. It is the people who have helped to shape the city and region that have made Trondheim such a unique city. No one knows Trondheim better than you; that’s why you’re so important in this process.

Digital Transformation

Not only do we envision a great tool for both locals and visitors with a curation of wonderful experiences, but we also see the potential to create a hub for collaboration between us and all of you. A new marketing tool with crowdsourced content.

There are so many great stories to tell, but where to find them? Whether it’s new technology, scientific breakthroughs or a new Michelin Star, we want to create a common platform to share, refine and distribute these stories on a local, national and international scale.


New partnership with Heyloft

Innovation Norway granted Visit Trondheim preliminary project funding for the research & development phase of a new digital platform. For this stage of the process Visit Trondheim partnered with Jaya Thomlison and Harald Stendal of Heyloft, a duo that uses Design Thinking Methodology, focusing on user-based designs.

goal: preliminary project

Click image for full presentation by Heyloft

Click image for full presentation by Heyloft


Menti Interactive Session:

After seeing the value from community collaboration in our Brand Workshop (Nov. 2020) we saw the positive impact it had when working through the brand strategy. And as we embark on our journey to a digital transformation, we want to continue forward by promoting collaboration, discovery and engagement throughout our community of city leaders, from all sectors, big and small. Below is some of the feedback we received from participants of Friday’s interactive session:


Clear Benefits of Collaboration

Britannia Docuseries

This new series airing is very timely as we share our ambitions for future collaboration.

In a new five-year strategy for Visit Trondheim from 2018, building a reputation by highlighting the city’s experiences and attractiveness as a visitor destination was one of the most important focus areas.

We have worked strategically to attract large and small flagship events to the city, as we believe that this is the easiest way to national and international visibility. And as a result Visit Trondheim hosted, the 2020 Michelin Guide Nordic Star Giving Event in Trondheim in February 2020. And according to Meltwater analytics, this event garnered 350 million potential views through media and social media coverage, with a value of around 65 million NOK.

Trondheim was awarded its first two Michelin Stars to Credo and Fagn back in 2019 and for us it was important to continue with the momentum and build on this success. Thus, hosting the Michelin Guide Awards with the goal of increasing visibility and building the city’s reputation as a food capital and food region.

As you will see in this new docuseries, bringing the Michelin Guide to Trondheim through close collaboration shows the impact that the Michelin Guide Nordic Star Giving Event in Trondheim had on Britannia’s initial goals for opening the best Five Star Hotel in Norway. It is a testament to a great collaboration between Visit Trondheim and its partner Britannia hotel – proof of how joined forces can generate spectacular results!

European Region of Gastronomy is yet another example of a project/award that Visit Trondheim initiated. And through close collaboration with various stakeholders, won the award for 2022 and has highlighted Trondheim as an international food destination.


For more information on how we can collaborate contact: