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Arriving in Trondheim by train is relaxing and convenient since Trondheim Sentralstasjon is located downtown in the city center next to the harbour. From the station, you have access to several hotels within a short walk. Trondheim is the perfect pitstop if you are travelling between Southern and Northern Norway. Direct trains run everyday to several of the most popular places in the country, like the historical mining town of Røros, Bodø the gate to Lofoten, Oppdal home to one of Norways best downhill skiing resorts and to the capital of Norway: Oslo.

The trains are comfortable and at overnight trains there is an option of booking sleeping cabins.



Luggage storage at Trondheim Central Station

At Trondheim Central Station there are a total of 80 storage boxes in 3 different sizes. These cost NOK 60,-, 80, – and 100,- a day, depending on the size of your luggage.
The largest type is intended for storing skis, the middle one for a couple of bags/suitcases, while the smallest are intended for smaller items like a backpack or two.

The storage area is located in the basement of the waiting hall, in the tunnel towards the intermediate platforms.

Opening hours:
Weekdays 3.45 am – 11.45 pm
Saturdays 5 am – 11.45 pm
Sundays 6.30 am – 11.45 pm

Sustainable journey with SJ Norway

SJ Norway works for a sustainable and climate-friendly travel pattern in Norway, where climate-smart travel by train increases its share compared to planes and cars.
For SJ Norway, sustainability is linked to all the work they do. This is what SJ Norway says about its environmental measures:

Sustainable eating on board

SJ Norway aim to deliver the best sustainable food offer as possible. Everything from the choice of suppliers, products, amount of each ingredient, as well as the way we prepare food are important factors. It also means that we buy raw materials from environmentally conscious producers and suppliers, and a large part of the food is made from scratch. We use local and seasonal ingredients to the greatest extent possible. We also contribute to the “Industry Agreement on Reduced Food Waste”, with the goal of halving food waste in the food and hospitality industry by 2030.

Recycling on board and eco-labelled cleaning products

On board many of our trains, it is possible for customers to sort their waste themselves. In addition, the on-board staff assist with this and have a special focus on plastic recycling. When cleaning on board, only products that are eco-labelled are used. The same also applies to chemicals to remove graffiti.

Reduce emissions from alternative transport

Occasionally, deviations occur or maintenance is done on the track, which means that we have to use alternative transport on parts of the route. We are working closely with our supplier to increase the proportion of Euro 6 buses that have significantly lower emissions than older buses.

Travelling by train is energy efficient

A single train contains many travelers at once. This means that train travel will be highly energy efficient per traveler. The long, narrow shape of the train also reduces air resistance. Our drivers are trained to perform the train in the most energy-efficient way possible on all our routes. We have started implementing new bimodal trains on several of our routes and all 14 new trains will be in service during the autumn of 2022. This reduces CO2 emissions per passenger by an additional 30%.


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