Tramway Museum

Trondheim Tramway Museum presents the history of the city’s two one metre gauge tramway companies, started in 1901 and 1924, with an exhibition of old trams and photos. Books, magazines, postcards, videos and souvenirs for sale.

The museum group in Trondheim (SHF, earlier TSHF) was established in 1979, in time to rescue most of the collection of veteran trams still existing in Trondheim. For some reason Trondheim always had a tradition of storing most old cars away, and not scrapping them. Voldsminde depot was always the depot in which they were kept. (This tradition actually saved the Trondheim tram system after the fire in 1956 when a fleet of old cars from Voldsminde depot was put into service and kept the operation running).

The building was rebuilt during the next years as a tram depot, including laid tracks outside and between the two depots. The Tramway Museum opened in 1995 and is open to visitors during the summer months. The Trondheim collection is fairly large, but more important, quite complete. Not many towns can boast a list with so few “missing links”. In addition, most of the cars are renovated with many also in operational state. Only a few cars have not been overhauled. Some of the cars are running on charter tours, which have become quite popular.

Getting there

From the city center: take the 16 minutes tram ride from St. Olavs gate to Munkvoll station. Tram running every 15 – 30 minutes. Remember to prepay your ticket.


Munkvoll Stasjon, 7022 Trondheim


Wed – Sun: 12 am – 3 pm
Only open during summer months
13.jun – 30.aug + 6.sep og 13.sep.