Visit Rockheim and join a journey through recent Norwegian music – and cultural history, make electronic music in a sound lab, visit the Nordic dance exhibition; “Everybody dance”, the gallery exhibition “MoE – we who loved chaos” and enjoy food and drink in restaurant Rockheim Panorama.

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Exhibition at Rockheim contemporary

Everybody dance!

Throughout the ages, people have gathered to dance to the latest songs. What we call folk music and folk dance today was once popular culture. Dance has always been a part of our social life, whether you met at a party, at each other’s house or outdoors. The dance is independent of location, you can dance in the shower and in the kitchen as well as on the dance floor. And above all: everyone can dance!

Exhibition at Rockheim Gallery

Moe – we who loved chaos

MoE – We Who Loved Chaos is an exhibition that shows an alternative way to work and convey music. A network-based “do-it-yourself” method with historical roots in parts of the underground music scene, where flat power structure, artistic dialogue and collaboration are important premises for music. MoE consists of Guro Skumsnes Moe and Håvard Skaset, and together they started the band in 2008.

The DIY culture that has depended on networks, itineraries and physical encounters was hit hard after March 2020. Although some countries have begun reopening, it is a new reality that now meets touring musicians and cultural workers. What will happen to interpersonal exchange and cooperation in a world that may never be the same?

A vivid beat of Norway’s history

Make a journey in recent Norwegian music and cultural history spread over 1320 square meters, in the permanent exhibition; The time tunnel. Here you go from decade to decade, from the dawning youth culture of the 1950s to today’s digital media diversity, music production and technology in the new Millennium. We have created an exhibition where you yourself trigger playback and display of different media; audio, light, image and video. It makes every visit a new experience!

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