Gateway to the Sea

The Island of


Hitra is an archipelago where you can experience Norwegian coastal traditions and world leading aquaculture technology. Catch scallops and eat them while they are as fresh as possible. Head to the open sea and coast over the waves with the wind in your hair. Sleep on the quayside and be served breakfast from the local food producers. 

Hitra is Norway’s seventh largest island. You will meet people here with a proud coastal culture who will greet you and wish you welcome. During the summer months, the island is buzzing with holiday guests returning to their cabins or and visitors discovering Hitra for the first time. 

Hitra has a permanent population of around 4,500 and roughly as many places to swim. If you are out at sea or walking on one of the many coastal trails, you will always find a place to have a dip. And yes, you can bathe year-round!

Life-long memories

The island is a paradise for holiday experiences for visitors of all ages. You can visit the museum, farm shops selling self-produced food and a salmon farm, go on fishing trips, rent a boat, eat wonderful food and get a close-up experience with the coastal culture. You will find accommodation to suit every budget.

Fresh Fresh Fresh

Several places on the island you can see the different layers of history; both Stone Age settlements and historical Iron Age finds.

From ancient times, fishing was the most important trade route on Hitra, and the old trading town of Hopsjøbrygga from 1730 is a living proof of part of the history that built the island’s growth and welfare alongside extensive sawmill operation.

Today, the aquaculture industry, fish processing industry and tourism industry characterize the island’s roads, and there is a short distance between eateries serving local ingredients and fresh seafood here.

The Ansnes Brygger at Ansnes, Hitra serves some of the best fresh seafood of all restaurants in Norway. Chef Ola’s signature dish Pepper Crab is something you shouldn’t miss out on.