Day Trip to Tautra

Getting to Tautra


The trip to Tautra is a journey through a lush cultural landscape rich in Norwegian history. Vast fertile lands have made Frosta well-known for its high quality produce, and skilled producers – and is thus a worthwhile pitstop.

Frosta, Trondheim’s very own kitchen garden, boasts small farm outlets, historic sites and monuments, and a fabulous cultural and pasture landscape. At Tautra, time moves slowly, and the old and new monastery remind us to enjoy the here and now. As long as there has been a permanent settlement in Trøndelag, people have lived at Frosta and the journey is a journey through several layers of history.

On the way there…


Drive to Stjørdal and make a small stop and experience the 900 year old Værnes church, Norway’s oldest building that is still in use. Swing by the Old Hell Station and surprise foreign friends with a selfie from “Gods Expedition”.

Further along the fjord, Steinvikholmen Castle at Skatval is idyllically situated at the end of the Åsenfjord. The castle was the catholic church’s last stronghold in Norway and was built in the period 1524 – 1532. At the time, the castle was the strongest fortification in the country, and it is the largest building erected in the Norwegian medieval period. The castle was erected both for defensive purposes and as the permanent residence of Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson.

Before driving into the deep historical landscape, you should make your way to a tiny homage to USA in the 1950’s. The diner Pick Up Cafe in Vuddudalen at the end of the Åsenfjord, is an experience in itself. Try American pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup, or the milkshake Pink Cadillac, which is of course made from local strawberries. The family behind the diner is constantly expanding with new concepts, and the courtyard has both a museum and candle factory outlet.

From the 1950’s USA you move on and take a detour to Ekne and Falstadsenteret.

A visit to Falstadsenteret with the Falstad Forest is an important but frightening reminder of the imprint of the war in Trøndelag. In the Falstad Forest, over 200 prisoners of war were executed in the years 1942 – 1944, and you can still see the bullet holes on some of the tree trunks. Falstadsenteret is a modern adventure center that tells an important story.

Afternoon in Frosta


Once you make it to Frosta, we recommend you make a stop at Logtun Farm and Frostatinget. An obelisk and twelve memorial stones have been erected as a symbol of the ancient Frostatinget, one of the largest courts in the Middle Ages and the law district for the people of Trøndelag for nearly a thousand years. Trøndelag has its name after the old word for law – log.

Tautra is connected to the mainland by a converted pier with a small bridge that lets the water flow through. Crossing the pier is quite magical. On the other side, the eatery Klostergården rests on a small hill above the shoreline, inviting anyone to stop. The sound of the fjord, the scrub and bird life combined with a good meal made from local produce and locally brewed beer, or juice from Klostergården’s own berries is priceless. The garden is beautiful and the farm charming and right next to it lies the ruins of a Cistercian monastery founded by monks from Lyse in 1207.

Take a look inside the small Klostergården brewery, or the well-equipped farm shop where both local design goods and local produce are available.

A short hike away from Klostergården you reach Måsdammen, and the tower is an excellent spot for taking a closer look at the local bird life. So don’t forget to bring binoculars! Tautra is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary with a fantastic bird life!

When you need food and drink on the way home, the industry center of Hell Center is right on the road and is easily accessible. The hosts are especially nice and the food homemade based on local produce. The stone oven baked pizza is recommended!

Stay the Night

If the calm of Tautra becomes too enticing, a room at Klostergården overlooking an 800-year-old monastery area is a good choice for spend the night. Or how about sleeping in a log cabin at Valberg family farm overlooking the Trondheim Fjord and the city lights in the distance?