Day Trip to Orkanger

Getting to Orkanger


Only a short drive, approximately forty minutes from Trondheim, lies the small town of Orkanger. Take in the rich history of the region and experience Bergmannnes Haller at Løkken Verk, an old mining community.

On the way there…


On a sunny day, a beautiful place to stop between Trondheim and Orkanger is Øysand. The long sandy beach with the built-up recreation area is a fantastic spot to post up on the beach, picnic, play and enjoy the sunset. On windy days, kiters and windsurfers dominate the area. By the river mouth you find Øysand Naturhus observation deck, a popular vantage point for bird watching.



To eat lunch based on local ingredients at the Restaurant Ministeren at Bårdshaug Manor is a must. In recent years, the area has become internationally noted through a high focus on local produce and houses the well-known farm Schjølberg Søndre, where Michelin restaurant Credo derives most of its ingredients. The Tastes of Orkland is a well known concept.

Especially exciting for the little ones is the manor park’s apiary, with its regular little guests every summer. The beehive, which is marked “Bårdshaug Manor – Bigård” is for loan from Fosslykkja Bigård on Fannrem. Real manor honey! Don’t forget to ask for the opportunity to experience the old part of the hotel.

Bårdshaug is largely preserved as in the Thams’ time, with a mix of international architecture and national romantic tradition, in styles from the Northern to the Louis-seize style. The decor and decoration of every part of the world tells a lot about the man who lived there.



Don’t miss Thamspaviljongen, located on the Bårdshaug Plateau at Bårdshaug Manor.

The pavilion was designed as a stave church and used as Norway’s pavilion at the World Exhibition in Chicago in 1893 and in 2017, the building was brought back to Orkanger and opened to the public after a fantastic effort by impassioned local residents in Orkdal. The pavilion was built as a prestige project at the family business at Strandheim Brug in Orkanger, led by none other than Christian Thams.


After spending some time in the small town of Orkanger and its surroundings, the mountains awaits. Get familiar with an important and well documented part of Norwegian mining history. Take the trip up to Løkken Verk. After a 30 minute drive Bergmannens haller (the mountain man’s halls) are waiting. Take a tour and join the darkness of the ancient mine. 333 years of mining – a fascinating history that challenges the senses of all visitors. The museum and museum shop are also well worth a visit.

Right in the heart of the old mining community at Løkken Verk lies Bergmannskroa, a home-cooked eatery based on local produce, served in a mining history atmosphere. Bergmannskroa has also won several awards for its cuisine: try the signature, “karbonadesmørbrød,” a meat sandwich with venison meat. Finish off with fresh waffles and fresh local jam.