Day Trip to Hitra

Getting to Hitra


You can get to the island via the fjord from Trondheim, a charming journey by boat from Trondheim Harbour.

If you drive, the trip over the mountain and down to the coast will take approximately 2 hours.

On the way from Trondheim, the road takes you through the Saga municipality of Melhus, a town where powerful chieftains ruled in medieval times, and it was also an important site for the transition to Christianity.

On the way there…


In the small town of Orkanger, the magnificent Bårdshaug Manor is one of the regions Historic Hotels. Originally the majestic mansion was the home of the founder and man of the world, Christian Thams – architect, minister, landlord and consul general.

Having lunch based on local produce at Bårdshaug Manor is an experience not to be missed. In recent years, the Orkland area has become internationally noted for its focus on local produce, and is home to the two well-known farms Fannremsgården and Schjølberg Søndre, where Michelin restaurant Credo derives most of its ingredients.

After Lunch


After an excellent lunch, the drive across the mountain down to the fjord, flies by. The sight of Hitra’s majestic island kingdom as it opens up as you descend will take your breath away.

Hitra is the island which has it all. If you are thinking of spending the whole day out here you should make sure to visit local food producers, one of the great swimming spots, such as Reksafjæra or Auksandfjæra on Fjellværøya and Ulvøya or simply eat heavenly fresh seafood at the island’s many eateries. At Hitra it seems as though there is a harbour in every bay.

For children DalPro Gårdsmat, is a great destination. The little café serves delicious homemade cakes, and beverages, and a small selection of quality meat from deer and wild sheep roam free on the islands of Hitra and Frøya. At Dalpro, your chances of meeting a deer are great, and if you arrive around feeding time in the morning you are guaranteed to be able to pet and feed these beautiful animals.

At the old commercial site Hopsjøbrygga, lunch can easily be combined with a visit to the tiny whale museum located on the second floor of the building.

For horse lovers, Hitra is a great destination. Hitra Equestrian Center has got you covered if you want to spend a few hours on horseback in picturesque surroundings, in a beautiful and majestic cultural landscape.

Stay overnight …


If you have a little more time, the island is ideal for a two day trip. Explore all the island has to offer, follow the road as it hugs the edges of the island, along the water.

In Hitra accommodation for every budget is available. Stay overnight in maritime surroundings, in apartments fits for groups or families, or traditional boat houses at Ansnes Brygger or Dolmsundet Marina. At both locations it is possible to rent a boat.

Ansnes Brygger offers tours with rib boats and can entice you with its own whirlpool with majestic views of the island kingdom, its own brewery and its own renowned restaurant. Dolmsundet Marina is located right next to Dolmsundet Hotel. The hotel has a sheltered garden with a large playground for kids of all ages, with beach volleyball nets, and climbing walls. Adjacent to the hotel is also a vast grass area with a reconstructed Viking-era long house, large teepees and a small pond to play in for the little ones.

At the full service hotel Hjorten hotel, located in Fillan, the municipal center, one is closer to the amenities of a small town. Restaurant Hav:Myran sets the standard for hotel restaurants with a seasonal menu and specialties such as local deer and fresh seafood on the menu.