Trondheim and Trøndelag is European Region of Gastronomy in 2022:

– The best food in the Nordics, maybe in Europe, maybe in the whole world!

World-class regionally sourced ingredients and knowledge

In the heart of Norway lies the Trøndelag region, a lush band of mountains, fjords, oceans, forests and cultivated land that surrounds Trondheim, the country’s new food destination. The proximity to some of the world’s best ingredients is the backbone of the Trøndelag food culture – not only will you find Michelin restaurants here, but producers and restaurants all over the region that offers unique, unforgettable dining experiences.

Already in 2018, news outlet Dagens Næringsliv wrote that Trondheim has become Norway’s new food capital, with three Michelin-starred restaurants and a vibrant and innovative food scene. Therefore, it is perhaps no great surprise that international food expertise chose Trøndelag and Trondheim as Europe’s official region of gastronomy in 2022. The European Region of Gastronomy has not been assigned to any Norwegian city or region before. In the Nordic countries, only Aarhus in Denmark has previously received the distinction.

– I think no one else has so much breadth in such a small region. We have world-class seafood, just miles away from mountain game and cloudberries. How many kilometers is it from the crayfish in Namdalen to the reindeer in Røros? This is quite unique for Trøndelag, says Kristine Rise, project manager at Oi! Trøndelag Food and Beverage.

The taste of Trøndelag

When travelling in Trøndelag, don’t miss out on the many local specialties. Trondheim is a gastronomic fairytale in itself, with Michelin-starred restaurants Fagn, Credo and Speilsalen. Right behind the three you’ll find a number of high quality restaurants that offer unique and innovative taste experiences.

And all across the region you’ll find an abundance of farm shops and local producers, where you can sample and buy All across the region you will find an abundance of farm shops and local producers where you can sample and buy local specialties. Maybe you would even be tempted to try your skills as a brewer, a cheesemaker or a fisherman- or woman?

A celebration of local produce

The European Region of Gastronomy award is by no means a tribute solely to the Michelin restaurants. It is a celebration of local food and knowledge, of a region that embraces its food culture throughout the value chain.

It is a celebration of farmers and fishermen, divers and gatherers who patiently grow, catch and develop world-class regionally sourced ingredients in every nook and cranny of Trøndelag. No other region in Norway has as many Matmerke (“food brand”) specialties as Trøndelag, and throughout the year Bondens Marked (the Farmers’ Market) is an important arena for local produce in downtown Trondheim.

Gastronomic strength and sustainability

The recognition of Trondheim and Trøndelag as the European Region of Gastronomy 2022 took place in January 2020. The honour is awarded by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT) in Barcelona.

In its decision, the jury emphasized the gastronomic strengths of Trondheim and Trøndelag and the focus on sustainability. The jury highlighted flagship initiatives such as Trøndelag Food Festival and how it connects urban and rural products, companies and consumers. It also praised the local appreciation of the land and the water, the green and blue economy.

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Roar Hildonen, To Rom og Kjøkken

World’s best local produce

“25 years ago I had colleagues in Oslo who encouraged me to move down there. They couldn’t fathom why I worked in Trondheim,” recalls Roar Hildonen, chef and owner of To Rom og Kjøkken in Trondheim. “I recommended them move up here instead. Here we have the world’s best local produce!”

Another pleasant side of Trøndelag and its food scene is that it’s surprisingly compact. The region is well-connected and you can quite easily travel around and visit the many small-scale producers to see where and how the magic happens.

One of the most popular food experiences is Den Gyldne Omvei (“The Golden Detour”) at the Inderøy peninsula, a sustainability-certified experience where you travel between a number of producers of food, beer and aquavit, farm shops and outlets. You can top it off with a stay at Øyna landscape hotel, recently named one of the world’s 101 best hotels by Fodor´s Travel.

Nordic Taste Dinner


Nordic Taste Dinner

A star meeting took place when nine Nordic star chefs invited to the Nordic Taste Dinner at Britannia Hotel. The historic event took place on 27 July, and was a bang start for Trøndersk Food Festival 2022. Over 200 guests had the pleasure of being served by the best chefs in Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway. When has anyone previously benefited from the creations of so many top Nordic chefs at the same time?

European Region of Gastronomy certified companies in Trondheim

These are proud producers and hosts for the European Region of Gastronomy Trondheim, respectively, and mainly use exquisite ingredients from first-class producers in Trøndelag.

Here is an overview of other certified companies in Trøndelag:

Calas & Kanasta
Elset Gård
Emilies Eld
Gola Is
Haugrønning gård
Lerflaten Gård
Myra Gård
Reppe Søndre
Snauan Gård
Søstrene Karlsen
Vaaganhuset, Moen gård