Trondheim City Card

Experience the city with the Trondheim City Card and gain access to a host of discounts and benefits for activities, attractions, museums, cafés, restaurants and shops in the city centre. 

Choose the card that best suits you based on your interests and the length of your stay. Use the right-hand menu to view prices and the card options.

How to buy the card
Download the Trondheim City Card app free via Google Play or the App Store. Create an account and gain access to the different cards. Choose the card(s) you wish to buy, follow the various steps and pay by credit card. The card is activated the first time you use it at one of the attractions or restaurants, etc. This means you can download the app and buy your card(s) before you arrive in Trondheim, but the period of validity only starts when you use your first coupon/benefit.

How to use the card
As soon as you buy a card, you get access to all the coupons. Each coupon is valid once. When you arrive at an attraction or restaurant, etc., simply take out your mobile phone, click on the relevant coupon and present it to the staff. They will then confirm the discount and you pay the balance due. In the case of free benefits, naturally you don’t pay anything.