Christmas in Trondheim!


A True Nordic Christmas

There is something so magical about Christmas in Trondheim. Deep-rooted in rich, Nordic traditions and a strong emphasis on ‘kos’, the glittering lights brighten up the dark winter months with a cozy ambiance filled with jubilant Christmas cheer. Dive into Trondheim’s cultural heritage and traditions through taste, smell, sound and sight – there is no shortage of cozy experiences in the Christmas city!

Feel like getting some fresh air?

Trondheim Christmas Market


The Trondheim Christmas Market, or “Julemarkedet”, is one of the largest Christmas Markets in the Nordics and it’s the holiday highlight in Trondheim. Situated right in the heart of the city, surrounding the iconic statue of the city’s founder Olav Tryggvason, this magical Christmas festival is brimming with coziness and Nordic tradition! With the perfect mix of purpose and pleasure, people come here to pick out their Christmas trees or wander through the charming wooden booths to buy gifts. However, many love huddling around open wood fires in the Lavvo (the large teepee) whilst enjoying a warm meal and sipping on locally brewed beers, spiced wine (gløgg), or hot cocoa.

Christmas at Sverresborg!

Follow the cheeky elves! Christmas at Sverresborg will be held during the first three weekends of Advent, with the classic Christmas atmosphere and traditional activities for young and old. Enjoy the smell of roasted almonds, eat Christmas porridge in the lavvo as the choir sings Christmas carols. Wander over to the carpentry workshop, send a wish list to Santa Claus, and join in and sing at the Christmas tree lighting and experience the magical Blue Hour under King Sverres’ castle ruins.

Christmas Britannia Style


A Magical House

Full of tradition, entertainment, delicious food, and dream-like experiences

If you’re looking for a Christmas vacation that goes above and beyond, Britannia Hotel has a full and appetizing Christmas calendar ready for you. Britannia Hotel has been synonymous with Christmas celebrations in Trondheim for 151 years, so they know what their guests hold dear by ensuring traditions are upheld, and new memories are created.

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Christmas Calendar

Trondheim is known for truly getting into the Christmas spirit, and this year will be no exception. Check out our Christmas Calendar to see what else is happening in and around the city during November and December!

Believe in the magic – Christmas in Trondheim awaits