Christmas in Trondheim!

A True Nordic Christmas


There is something so magical about Christmas in Trondheim. Deep-rooted in rich, Nordic traditions and a strong emphasis on ‘kos’, the glittering lights brighten up the dark winter months with a cozy ambiance filled with jubilant Christmas cheer. Dive into Trondheim’s cultural heritage and traditions through taste, smell, sound and sight – there is no shortage of cozy experiences in this Christmas City!

Trondheim Christmas Market

 Britannia Hotel

A Magical House

Full of tradition, entertainment, delicious food, and dream-like experiences

If you’re looking for a Christmas vacation that goes above and beyond, Britannia Hotel has a full and appetizing Christmas calendar ready for you. Britannia Hotel has been synonymous with Christmas celebrations in Trondheim for 152 years, so they know what their guests hold dear by ensuring traditions are upheld, and new memories are created.

All I want for Christmas is…

Christmas at Sverresborg

At Sverresborg Folk Museum you will experience the magic of old-fashioned Norwegian Christmas. Feel the classic Christmas atmosphere. Enjoy your Christmas porridge around the fire pit, or warm up on a cup of traditional mulled wine while the choir chime in. You will definitely meet the little santas that live in the barn, and they will be happy to dance around the Christmas tree if you help them sing Christmas carols before the Blue Hour sets in. Don’t forget to send your wish list to Santa!

Experience Trondheim From a New Perspective

Paddle at Night With Trondheim Kayak

Paddle at Night Along the Channel and Nidelven River with Trondheim Kayak. This is a really unique and cool perspective of the city! Exploring by kayak at night, you can experience a lot more excitement than you can imagine. You are sure to be impressed by the view at night in Trondheim.

Trondheim By Boat Winter Boat Tour

Feel the real Christmas spirit of Trondheim on a unique winter boat-tour with Trondheim By Boat! Historical surroundings, beautiful nature and a charming local crew await you aboard our traditional wooden boats which are built in the UNESCO recognized clinker style.

What’s On This Christmas

The Nidaros Cathedral

Photo: Carl Erik Eriksson

In the heart of Trondheim is Nidaros Cathedral – an ornate Gothic masterpiece. Norway’s national shrine and northern Europe’s most important pilgrimage site. The cathedral is built over the tomb of Olav the Holy, the Viking king who christianized Norway and became the entire country’s eternal king. Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace offer many great experiences during the Christmas season.

How To Get Here

Park & Ride

Did you know that you can park your car for free in several places and travel by public transport further into Trondheim? In Trøndelag, several parking spaces have been built up near bus stops and train stations. This makes it easy to combine a car or bike with a train or bus into Trondheim. See more about Park&Ride.

The Dancing Neon Lights


Why not go hunting for the magical Northern Lights this Christmas? The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, often comes out to play during the winter months in Trondheim, and the best time in the year to see the Northern Lights is from September to March when the sky is pitch black. We have a breakdown of how to maximize the probability of seeing it (depending on the forecast) – so hit the button below:

Believe in the magic – Christmas in Trondheim awaits

Do you have a few seconds for Trondheim?

We invite all of you to film and share a few seconds of your life in Trondheim. There are no models or production crews. So do you have a few seconds to share? We want them. Then we are able to showcase all of the beautiful, weird, incredible, tasteful, sweet, meaningful moments in Trondheim through an authentic lens!