Trondheim by Boat


The Experience

Trondheim by Boat is a unique experience where you can see the city from a different perspective! Traveling by sea, through the fjords and on the rivers has always been an important part of life in Norway – travel back through the history of Trondheim while floating down the city river Nidelva. Witness the beauty of Trondheim sunsets with front row seats on the fjord or chase the northern lights as they dance and sing on dark winter nights.

Trondheim by boat strives to provide the most authentic experience of Trondheim in a traditional boat with a passionate local guide and captain – their daily tours are available in English, German, Italian and Norwegian. For other languages, feel free to send them a request.

A Norwegian Goddess of Love

“Hailing from a long line of boat captains, Amanda spent the year following our introduction restoring a traditional Åfjords boat from Norway’s Trøndelag region. Built using ancient techniques passed down through generations, the vessel bears a striking resemblance to the Viking ships that were sailed more than 1000  years ago. Combining her passion for boating and her hometown, Amanda developed unique tours for her new company, Trondheim by Boat. For my return to Trondheim, Captain Amanda welcomed me aboard Frøya—named for the Norwegian Goddess of Love.

Trondheim by Boat takes you on a journey along the river Nidelva flowing through the heart of the city eventually venturing into the adjoining Trondheim fjord. Sights along the way include the fish market Ravnkloa, the channel area and old harbor, the colorful wharfs of Bryggerekka and the old city bridge with its red portals of happiness. Captain Amanda shares old and new tales of the town introducing you to its history, culture and intriguing characters.

For a spectacular winter experience, book a Northern Lights tour. You’ll venture out into the Trondheim Fjord away from city lights to watch for this gorgeous natural phenomenon. Don’t worry about the cold, Amanda has plenty of blankets, hot chocolate or coffee to keep you warm.”

— travel squire


Phone number:  +47 46 29 54 02
Email: info@trondheimbyboat.com
Webpage: trondheimbyboat.com