Trondheim Square

The heart of the city

At the Kongens gate and Munkegata intersection in Trondheim City center, you find the town square and main meeting place. It has been located here since the city planner, Johan Caspar de Cicignon redesigned the city after the great fire of 1681, but Trondheim has had a town square and marketplace since the early 12th century.

The Statue Of Olav Tryggvason

Keeping watch over the square is Trondheim’s founder, The Viking King Olav Tryggvason, towering high above the crowds. The statue was erected in 1921 and is made by the sculptor Wilhelm Rasmussen. The statue is actually a large sundial, the column casting its shadow on a cobblestone clock face. The pedestal around the Olav statue is designed as a “water clock” that supplements the sundial. The water circles around the shelf and flows into small streams at times three, six, nine and twelve. Fountain splashes mark the hourly beats every hour and a half. Then the fountain moves in a circle around the statue.

Founder of the city; Olav Tryggvason

The City’s Meeting Place


Torvet is host ot many events all year round. Every year in June, life is buzzing during Martnan. Here you can go treasure hunting among market stalls and local food producers while enjoying music and activities for all ages.

Martnan. Photo: Mykola Kseofontov.

The Christmas Market

If you visit Torvet in December, you can experience the Christmas Market – one of the largest Christmas markets in the Nordic countries and the highlight of the Christmas season in Trondheim. Here you can hunt for unique Christmas gifts in the cozy wooden stalls. Before gathering around the fire in the large lavvo to enjoy a hot meal and a locally brewed beer, a cup of mulled wine, or a hot cocoa.

The Christmas Market. Photo: INBOVI.

Trøndelag Food Festival

Trøndelag Food Festival is Europe’s leading local food festival, which attracts around 200,000 visitors to torvet every year. Together with the Brewery Festival held at the same time, it creates unique meetings between food and beverage producers and local, national and international audiences.

Trøndelag Food Festival. Photo: Adrian castillo