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Heart of Trondheim

Nidaros Cathedral is the world’s Northernmost gothic cathedral and Norway’s national sanctuary. Built from 1070 over the tomb of St. Olav – the patron saint of Norway and the Viking king who brought Christianity to Norway. The cathedral was completed around 1300. After several fires and a lack of maintenance in the Middle Ages, the cathedral was in very poor condition. In 1869 extensive restorations were begun, and today the cathedral is again restored to its original grandeur. In addition to it now being one of Europe’s major historical pilgrim destinations, coronations and royal blessings take place in the church.

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Guided Tours

Tour of the cathedral filled with stories and facts from the cathedral’s 850-year history. Enjoy the impressive stonemasonry and the beautiful stained glass windows. (Norwegian, English, German or French). During the main season (June – August) guided tours are offered in Norwegian, English, German and French for everyone who wishes to learn more about the Cathedral’s exciting history. The rest of the year, guided tours are offered guided in Norwegian during the weekends. If you wish to take a guided tour in another language outside the main season, please make a booking.

For smaller groups it is possible to book special theme tours. These excursions provide the unique opportunity of visiting the upper- and lower-floors of the cathedral, which are usually closed for the public. Explore the hidden rooms and secret chambers deep inside the ancient cathedral.

In the summer months, you can climb the up to the tower. The 172 steps to the top are dark and narrow, but the climb is well worth it because you will be rewarded with an unrivalled view of the city centre.

Hidden rooms

Take a journey with an expert tour guide to discover hidden rooms normally closed to public access. The guide will take you to secret chambers in some small, medieval chapels and to the crypt inside Trondheim´s ancient Nidaros Cathedral.

Tower climb

Join a tour to the top of Nidaros Cathedral’s central tower! Climb up the narrow stairs in the winding tower of 172 steps, before stepping out into the open air to experience a fantastic panoramic view of Trondheim’s charming city centre.


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