Sleigh Rides


Approx. 1 hour


15 people
(2 sleighs)


On request


November – April

Who’s in for a cozy winter adventure?

Picture yourself sitting in a traditional sleigh behind two jolly horses which lead you through Trondheim’s winter wonderland in Bymarka. Put on some warm clothes and make your way to Lian! At Lian your coachman Torstein will be awaiting your arrival with sleigh and horses. Torstein outfits his sleigh with plush sheepskins and blankets to keep you warm on during the ride. Feel free to bring a warm drink and snack to enjoy around the fire which Torstein will build for you in the woods.

Your sleigh ride will end back where you started at the Lian tram stop. But if you’re stomach feels a rumble, why not end your adventure with a cozy winter meal made of fresh local produce at the charming Lian Restaurant? The panoramic views will not disappoint.

How to get to Lian?

The tram to Lian departs from the city center several times throughout the day. Or, to make your adventure even more special, you can charter the vintage tram from 1950!


Torstein Opheim
Telephone: +47 92 01 85 90
E-mail: torstein.opheim@wemail.no