Ice Skating in Trondheim

When in Doubt, Skate it Out

From November until the end of February several of Trondheim’s outdoor spaces are transformed into ice skating rinks!

Popular Ice Hockey & Skating Rinks in Trondheim


In the middle of an old shipyard, next to a modern shopping center, and amidst cafes and restaurants you find the skating rink at Solsiden. From about November to April the old dock becomes a natural meeting place for some winter fun for families, couples and friends.


Centrally located at Øya, near St. Olavs Hospital, the basketball court is converted into an ice rink during the winter months. The rink is lit up at night so grab your skates and enjoy some quality time on the ice after dark. There is no rental facility at Finalebanen so bring your own skates.


The soccer field in the Ila park is turned into an ice rink when the weather allows during winter. The rink is lit up until 10 pm, but remember to bring your own skates, as there are no rental facilities nearby.


Close to the city fortress, Kristiansten, at Rosenborg skole, the basketball court is converted into an ice rink during the winter months. Make sure to bring your own skates! Otherwise you’ll have to watch the winter fun from the sidelines.

For updated status on the ice rinks, check the map via the link below as it is updated regularly.

Bymarka Lakes


For a long time the lakes of Bymarka have been a great source of joy for the skating enthusiasts of Trondheim in the wintertime. The ice is maintained and prepped regularly throughout the season by the voluntary organization Blyberget Frileik. As this is natural ice, please make sure to check that the ice is safe before venturing out and take precautions.

Ice Skate Rentals Trondheim

Strinda frivilligsentral

Rent ice skates and other winter sport equipment, in the eastern part of Trondheim.

Kolstad Fotball

Rent ice skates and other winter gear, in South Trondheim.


Free winter sport rentals for students.

Blyberget Frileik

Ice skate rentals in Byåsen.


Rent figure skates, long distance skates and ice skating support for children who wants to learn.

Leangen Idrettspark

At Leangen idrettspark the artificial ice rink is open from around December 1st to March 15th, depending on the weather conditions. The rink consists of a speed track (part A), and a large rink (part B, C, and D). Athletes, schools, day care center’s and others are welcome to use the rink during opening hours. is based at Leangen on the weekends and welcomes families to a fun day at the artificial ice rink with ‘penguins’ and fun. You can rent skates and skating toys for the whole family and sharpen your own skates.

In the event of a large snowfall, the rink will be closed for maintenance and preparations in the morning.


Mon: 10 am – 4 pm
Tue: 12 pm – 4 pm
Wed: 10 am – 4 pm
Thu: 12 pm – 4 pm
Fri: 10 am – 4 pm

Sat – Sun: 12 pm – 10 pm *

* The rinks are closed to the public on weekends when matches and competitions are scheduled. Check updated info on Islek’s Facebook page.