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Viking Style

“Go Viking” is a five day trip with a three day hike in Trollheimen, in the heart of Norway. This route is famous for its wild nature and is packed with cultural heritage sites dating back to the ice age. You will get the opportunity to travel Viking style; with authentic gear and clothes. Experience how man has survived in nature and discover the traces of the past. Learn how to prepare food and cook meals over an open fire, sleep under the stars and join us in sharing songs and tales.

The team members have many years of experience organizing guided nature hikes. The hike will be both exciting, immersive and educational.

Hands on History develop and run world-wide interdisciplinary projects and small local projects in the field of cultural heritage. Our team members offer both theoretical and practical aid in matters concerning dissemination, preservation and revitalization. They have several years of experience in organizing interactive festivals and events and we work closely with many institutions such as municipalities and museums.

Hands on History offer aid in all matters concerning project development and management in the field of cultural heritage. They also offer hands on dissemination of heritage projects. This could be; handy-crafting and cooking workshops and courses, guided hikes in nature and lectures. We are «method tailors» and we will customize our concept to you and to the recipient. Hence, the name «Hands on History». Two of our favorite methods for dissemination are living history and historical reenactment.

Who can join?

You don´t have to be an athlete to join the hike, but you should be able to walk for about 15 km in the terrain each day. You have to be prepared to sleep outside two out of four nights. It does not matter if you have experience in historical re-enactment or not. Hands on History will provide and lend you all necessary clothes, sleeping gear and other equipment needed for a immersive experience.

Tour dates

August 3rd – 7th 2022


Viking Age Trondheim

Trondheim has a rich history filled with both viking warrior kings and fierce political struggels between the ruling clans of Norway. The town was founded in the viking age in AD 997 and there are still traces from this time that can be found even today. Join a 4-hour tour through the ages and through the town, visiting both museums and the gothic cathedral Nidarosdomen. Emphasis will be on daily life, religion and politics and the town’s transition from the pagan viking age to the christian medieval period.


Suitable for:
Grown ups and teenagers who wants to learn more about the viking age and the medieval history of Trondheim and Norway.

Groups size:
Max 5 persons.

From NOK 4100,- /group including VAT.


Hands on History
Email: goviking@handsonhistory.no
Website: www.handsonhistory.no

Viking Hiking