Fjord promenade



Salt water



Swim from the Stairs

From Skansen to Brattøra you will find Trondheim’s beautiful harbor promenade. Along the promenade there are benches where you can sit and enjoy the view over the fjord and Munkholmen. The promenade is also perfect for the ones looking for a swim in Trondheim City center. The water is not shallow, so not that suitable for young children.

At Skansen on the one end you will find a small grass area and a sand volleyball court. Brattøra at the other end has a playground, a concrete park for skateboarding, and art installations. At Brattøra you will also find Simens Isbar, an ice cream bar where you can try a variety of flavours from an award-winning ice cream maker.

For those who want more amenities and also a diving tower, you are welcome to visit Sjøbadet which you will find along the harbor promenade.

The harbor promenade is a part of the Midtbyrunden city hike.


The promenade starts at Skansen Bridge in Ila, or at Brattørkaia on the other side.


The promenade itself is well suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, but the swimming is only accessible if you can walk the stairs.