Våttakammen – Geitfjellet

Easy accessible hike

Våttakammen is one of Bymarka’s best lookout points with great views of Ila and the city center. Våttakammen is easily accessible from Ila and northern parts of Byåsen. Geitfjellet is also a popular hiking destination and a natural extension of the trip to Våttakammen. From here you’ll see most of Trondheim, and there are great views of the Selbu mountains, as well as Fosen across the fjord, Frosta, and the northern parts of Bymarka. It is recommended to go out on the deck north of the main peak. There, the view of the northern parts of the field is even better.


Approx. 2 hours


6 km return




May – Sep


From Kongens gate in the city center take bus number 11 in the direction towards Stavset. Get off at the stop Møllebakken. From there it is a 6 min walk up to the large turn in Vestoppfarten. From the turn, the walk begins up the path in beautiful green scenery. After about 500 meters, take a signposted path to the left towards Våttakammen. The path goes on a steady and quite steep climb to the top. Along the path, several benches have been set up. The journey from Vestoppfarten to Våttakammen is just under 2 km. This is a trip that has many nice viewpoints along the way. 

Furthermore, you can choose to go back or continue towards Geitfjellet. The tour takes place in pine and creep pine forests, eventually there will be some wetlands with built up footpath and more views.


Not suitable for wheelchairs / strollers


Bring a hammock.
It can be windy at the top, so bring a wind jacket
Feel free to stop by Lille Skansen or Ila Brainnstasjon on the way back for lunch/dinner or just a well deserved refreshment