The Pilgrim Trail

St. Olavs Paths to Trondheim

The Pilgrim Trail – St. Olav paths to Trondheim, is a network of historical roads through beautiful scenery, cultural landscapes and historical sites. The roads come from all directions to St. Olav, who is buried under Nidaros Cathedral, which was the Northernmost pilgrimage destination for Christianity throughout the Middle Ages.


The main season for pilgrimage in Norway is from June to September. In the high mountains the season is somewhat shorter due to snow and snow melting. 


When you are on your pilgrimage, call the accommodation a day or two in advance to book. In many accommodations you are served breakfast and dinner, but this varies from place to place. Contact the regional pilgrim centres to check the conditions along the path and which accommodations are open.

Pilgrim passport

On a pilgrimage to Trondheim and Nidaros, it is tradition to use a pilgrim passport to document the pilgrimage and to verify that you are a true pilgrim. Buy the passport in advance and bring it with you.

The St. Olav Letter

The St. Olav Letter is a confirmation and that you have walked the last stage, minimum 100 kilometres, of any of the St. Olav Ways into Trondheim or ridden by bike the last 200 kilometres. The only place the Olav Letter is issued is the Nidaros Pilgrim Center, which is located right by the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Nidaros Pilgrim Center is also the information center for Pilegrimsleden – St. Olavsvegene to Trondheim. Stop by before starting the trail for helpful tips and guidance.

The Pilgrimage Town of Trondheim

Welcome to the pilgrimage town of Trondheim! At Nidaros Pilgrims Gård you can receive the pilgrim city’s “gold coin” that gives you great deals on local food experiences, pleasant accommodations, activities and cultural experiences when you arrive in Trondheim.