1,5 km




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Whether you are familiar with hiking in Bymarka or not, you are almost guaranteed to have seen Gråkallen. Its landmark round dome is a much used navigation point for hiking in Bymarka, and can even be seen from the city.

This hike is easily accessible and perfect if you are looking for a short but a bit steep hike. After 1.5 kilometers you reach the top and are rewarded with beautiful views of Trondheim city! Due to its accessibility and panoramic views, this is a great hike for families, for those on the hunt for the Aurora Borealis, and for those who want a quick exercise.


Bus number 23 will take you from Dronningens gate to the final stop, Skistua. The bus does not run often, so it’s recommended to plan in advance.

By car: There is parking right outside Skistua, but as this is a popular starting point for many hikes and ski trails, it fills up quickly. Alternatively, use the parking at Fjellseterveien and walk up to Skistua.

From Skistua you see Gråkallen with its characteristic large dome. The hike starts by following the road to the left of Blomstertjønna, which is the small lake next to Skistua. When the road separates, take the path to the left and follow it all the way up to the top. Alternatively you can follow the road almost all the way to the top, and then climb the steep path the last few meters.


By choosing the alternative route the hike is partially accessible for strollers and wheelchairs, but note the incline. The last leg of the hike is not accessible for strollers and wheelchairs.