Trampe, The Bicycle Lift


“Trampe” is a bicycle lift installed in Brubakken in Trondheim. Opening in August 1993, this was the first and only bicycle lift in the world. Trampe annually carries 20-30.000 cyclists up the hill, and up to five people can take the lift simultaneously. Trampe has become a major tourist attraction in Trondheim due to its rarity.

How to use

In use, place the right foot at the starting point (the left foot remains on the bicycle pedal) and the start button is pressed. The elevator has two speeds; one for beginners and one for experienced users. After a few seconds, the user is pushed forward on a footplate that appears. A common mistake among tourists and first-time users has been that they do not keep their right legs outstretched and bend forward. This makes it difficult to keep your balance and can cause them to fall off. If someone falls off, the spring loaded foot plate will disappear under the ground.


Every day 7am – 8pm

Sykkelheisen Trampe