Hip & Charming


Cozy Bakklandet

A charming neighborhood cobbled with history and filled with cozy restaurants, bars and store fronts. Located just across the Nidelva river from the city center, under the protection of Kristiansten Fortress, Bakklandet will welcome you through the “Gates of Happiness” and give you the ultimate experience of an old town that preserves the historical spirit.

Historical & Colorful

Today Bakklandet is one of the city’s most sought after neighborhoods to live in, however, it was once known as the working class area with poor living conditions. The people who resided here were craftsmen, small traders and labor workers. Throughout the years Bakklandet was ravaged by multiple fires and threatened with demolition due to road construction – which made it a fairly undesirable place to live.

In the 1960s, the city council decided to build a four-lane highway throughout the district, and at the same time remove the charming wooden houses that today are probably the city’s most charming attribute. To the delight of Trondhjemmerne (residents of Trondheim), in 1971 the champions of Bakklandet (Miljøgruppen på Bakklandet) dismantled the new road project through various protests and by painting the old houses and occupying the empty homes.

Eat & Drink

Bakklandet is sprinkled with cafés and bars located by cobblestoned streets. The colourful wooden houses bring a memory of fairy tales from one’s childhood and don’t be surprised to see a tattoo shop or to hear the velvety jazz tunes floating out of Antikvariatet – music café and book bar. The old, red wooden house is a legendary spot for many locals, who enjoy having a drink and a live concert in the bar decorated with antique furniture and shelves filled with old books.

Another popular nook is Baklandet Skydsstation, well-known for its traditional Norwegian menu and cheerful bar – with special emphasis on its impressive aquavit selection. The history of the building dates back to the 18th century and has been recognised by National Geographic as “maybe the cosiest café in Scandinavia”.

If you’re looking for something a little more refined, you need only take a few steps down the cobbled street to find yourself a seat at Kalas og Canasta, a restaurant known for their delicious seasonal menu and focus on fresh local ingredients, or the quaint wine bar NB6 (next door to Antikvariatet).

On your right hand side when you cross the bridge from the city center you find the popular pub Den Gode Nabo (The Good Neighbour) with an impressive selection of beer on tap and an outdoor patio floating on the river. Or, if you are feeling fancy, book a table at the cosy French bistro and wine bar, Rive Gauche on the ground floor of the same building.

Vegetarian? A must eat is Mat fra Hagen where you can tuck into simple and fast plant-based food loaded with flavour! Try their delicious veggie burgers, falafel rolls or acai bowls.

If you are in need of a quick caffeine boost, grab a hot coffee and a pastry at Dromedar Kaffebar, or Kaffebrenneriet.


On the way there, make sure you swing by shops such as Sukker Design, Strå Blomsterverksted, or Keiserens Nye.

Bakklandet is also home to art galleries and creatives of many varieties, check out The Rabbit Hole, and Galleri Gaven amongst others.

And if you have a love for body art, nip into Onkel Henry’s Tattoo Parlour.

Gamle Bybro

Old Town Bridge is one of two bridges connecting the center of Trondheim with Bakklandet. The wooden bridge was built in 1681 and remains one of the most photogenic places in the city. The beautiful red gates, also known as “The Portal of Happiness”, will lead you into narrow, cobbled streets where mostly bikes and pedestrians wander. The Old Town Bridge has fantastic views of the Nidelva River and the striking traditional warehouses that are like pearls on a string, and a glimpse the Trondheim Fjord in the distance.

For a wonderful view of the colorful wharves and the perfect photo opp, take a short walk over to “Krana” which is name of the scenic lookout between Nedre Bakklandet 10th and 18th.


Kristiansten Festning above Bakklandet is also home to the world’s first bicycle lift, Trampe. The tramp lift helps cyclists up the steep hill just off Old Town Bridge, from the top you can cycle further up to Kristiansen Fortress and the green recreation areas that surround it. Enjoy a picnic in the grass, dine at the restaurant or use the fortress as a starting point for one of Trondheim’s best city walks – the Defense Round.


The Goose Park is a small green oasis down by the river bank on the opposite side of Baklandet Skydsstation. Here you can glimpse a bit of the Nidaros Cathedral behind the trees on the other side of the Nidelven river. Although the park is small in size, it still has plenty of seating, a reminder for the smallest, landscaped green spaces and decorative flowers.

Note: Due to strong undercurrents, it is not allowed to swim in the river. Enjoy the view – not the water.